Craftsman Real Estate Services

Craftsman Real Estate Services

All companies are NOT created equal.  All real estate agents are NOT the same.  Good intentions DON’T make good agents.  Our company was born out of a disdain for sub-par quality and sub-par service.   We are NOT a locally owned business, NOT a veteran owned business, NOT a Christian business.  NOT a charity-driven business.  We are many of these things ourselves, but the way companies lean on those tag-lines to manipulate our feelings is tired and misses the marks.  Here is what we are:

- A Craftsman approach to service — develop skills and use them to serve your client-base with integrity.

- Our clients deserve skillful diligence.  We serve them like we would like to be served.

- Gratitude is the best attitude.

The Craftsman RES Story started in Oklahoma City and has grown methodically since inception.  Now we serve select clientele in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.  If you have a vision for your real estate pursuit, we want to be a part of it!  We LOVE helping people accomplish their visions!

When we have the opportunity to work with someone in the process of buying or selling real estate, managing real property, or counseling through the processes of investment we will set up a specific Craftsman who is best suited to serve the needs of the client.  We work tirelessly to train our Craftsman crew to be excellent at their roles, and by an attention to skill and fitness we can rest assured that our clients are represented well.

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Real Estate solutions crafted for you!

Craftsman Real Estate Services helps buyers and sellers, real estate investors, and property owners.  Through our brokerage services, property management services, and light contracting services we are able to bring a range of offerings to meet the needs of our core clientele.  We delight in helping people progress towards the accomplishment of generation visions and we love knowing your big “why” in real estate!


About the Area

Oklahoma City and surrounding areas

You deserve a an experience Crafted just for you, no matter what your aim is in real estate.  If you are selling or buying a home, you deserve a tailored approach and an agent that discern your values and work towards those in the process.  If you are investing in real estate or own rental property that you would like to have professionally managed, then you deserve to have a company with an eye for quality and a drive to honor the ethos of the investor in your corner.  This is why we exist as a company; to craft solutions to your real estate needs.

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